Letters of Support

Elaine Johnson, Red Wing

Now, more than ever, we need Dean Hove

By Elaine Johnson     

Now more than ever, we need Dean Hove on our City Council.  Dean Hove has consistently acted with integrity, sound judgment, and a genuine concern for the people.  He is a friendly, levelheaded person whose knowledge and experience will be especially valuable with so many new council members. 

It really matters who we elect.   Will we maintain professional police and fire protection?    We get top quality service at a bargain price.  It takes just 4 votes on our City Council to make drastic changes.  We know Dean Hove will stand up for the people, and win for us.  He has earned our trust. 

We are living in Red Wings Golden Age.  Our city has never served the citizens better.  We have Dean Hove to thank for many things, but the day-to-day assurance that there is someone at City Hall who we can call and get results may be the most important.

Joyce Gerdes, Red Wing

A Sad Truth, A Warning, and A Bright Hope

By Joyce Gerdes     

I want to thank Dean Hove for his informative letter (RE 8-1) about low taxes and wise spending in Red Wing.  I remember way back when we were first being "sold" on the idea of living with a nuclear power plant.  We were told that if we accepted the risks, there would be huge financial compensation.  The risks have not gone away, why should the compensation?   Red Wings financial strategy has made us all better off. 

The sad truth:  Goodhue County government failed the taxpayers.   The county could have approved small levy increases to build up the percentage Xcel pays.  Instead, they quietly put us all into debt for $24 Million, including interest as high as 12%.  

Now, Goodhue County has reached its own debt limit.  Former commissioners "maxed out the credit card."  The County Board was forced to add a half cent sales tax to everything we buy to pay for the short-sighted folly of the past.  Since Xcel only pays 26% of county taxes, a lot more of those debts will be paid from the paychecks of our grandchildren.  It makes me wonder whose side our county commissioners were on, ours or Xcels?    

The Warning: I am very concerned that there is a group with a highly partisan agenda intent on taking over our city government by stealth.  They seem to have multiple candidates in nearly every race.  Our best ally is information.  Scrutinize your candidates closely, and be especially skeptical of social media.   

The Bright Hope: Dean Hove is willing to continue to improve our lives as our voice on the City Council.   We need his long-term vision and financial expertise.  Dean Hove also has a track record of siding with citizens.  We all deserve another four years of honest, intelligent, independent representation.

Elaine Thomforde, Red Wing

Keep the Good Times Going with Dean Hove

By Elaine Thomforde

When I first endorsed Dean Hove, he was a young man full of promise.  His service on our City Council has fulfilled that promise beyond my expectations.  Someone recently said, "We are living in Red Wings Golden Age."  I agree.   

There has never been so much positive change.  The openness of local government has won Red Wing an award for transparency the past nine years in a row.  New enhancements throughout the city reflect leadership that genuinely cares about the quality of our lives.  Our economy is thriving, and when we call Dean Hove, he listens, and we get results.   

As the wife of a council member, I witnessed the daily effort and ongoing dedication required of my husband, Kenny, to be an effective representative of the people.  Recent events have illuminated something I already knew: City Council is a tough job which requires a special talent and the ability to persevere.  

Dean Hove has kept our taxes low and spent our money wisely.  He made us all safer, and Dean has stuck with us, even when it was hard.   Please join me in voting to keep the good times going with Dean Hove.



Dustin Schulenberg, Red Wing

Your Primary Vote will Determine Red Wing's Future

By Dustin Schulenberg     

Wards 1 and 2 City Council candidate George Hintz's letter (RE 08-08) illustrates that he doesn't understand the city's financial situation. Hintz's assertions about taxes and spending are misinformed. 

As a former member of the Red Wing City Council, I was involved in the long-term financial planning that has brought about our current financial success. Very small tax rate increases were implemented to increase revenue from Xcel and improve the percent of overall taxes Xcel covers for citizens. This works because Xcel has increased value and pays a higher rate. Over time, this strategy has brought down taxes for homeowners by about 15%, adjusted for inflation. Homeowners were in fact levied nearly three quarters of a million dollars LESS in 2018 than 15 years ago. Check the county website for what you paid in 2009 (the farthest back you can check online) vs. today. 

I noticed that Hintz seemed to be in favor of the new public safety building in his RE candidate answers, but now complains about the costs. It will be paid almost entirely with new revenue from Xcel. 

Each election year, there are candidates with hidden agendas. I am afraid that Hintz, and those running with him, would abandon our current strategy and lead us into debt, budget shortfalls, service cuts, and force higher taxes. The lesson of Goodhue County's financial situation is still fresh: A new sales tax increase because the debt ceiling had been reached. 

Your vote in the Primary Election will determine Red Wing's future. Dean Hove has been the City Council leader for low taxes and careful spending. All the budget meetings are available for anyone to stream online. Dean Hove is always looking to save taxpayers money. I have known Dean Hove a long time. He is a genuinely good man who works tirelessly for residents.

Joe Blank, Red Wing

Dean Hove, our safest choice

By Joe Blank   

I encourage Wards 1 & 2 voters to re-read the Republican Eagle candidate answers before making your choice in the August 14th Primary.  The differences are clear. 

1. On Conflict Resolution: George Hintz wants to "restore decorum."  He doesnt realize good behavior was restored once the temperamental council member resigned.  Stephanie Elsen will "listen."  Neither has a solution.  Dean Hove offers a plan to avoid future conflicts.  

2.  On Public Safety:  Elsen and Hintz give vague answers, but Hove gets specific, telling us what he has done, how he found creative ways to pay for it, and that he plans more protection in the future.   

3.  On Painting Barn Bluff:  Hintz says, "this has taken too much time."  The alternative he offers tells me Hintz has a bias for one choice over the other.  I can only imagine how a judgmental and opinionated council member would be received by residents who have grown used to having their views be the basis of decisions.  Elsen got informed "on Facebook and the news." Hove talked to residents in person and said, "my goal is to always reflect the wishes of our residents."  Once again, Hove offered a solution by reminding us of Initiative and Referendum.   

4. On Unique qualifications:  Elsen says she is a "listener."  Hintz says he will listen too, but that doesnt make them different from the incumbent.   Hove said, "In January, there will be at least 3 new council members, who will join 3 others who have served only 2 years.  I bring 16 years of experience gained by listening, learning, solving problems, and working with citizens to create public policy that reflects our common values of fairness, respect, and responsibility."   

In each answer, Hintz and Elsen avoid saying what they will do if elected.   Candidates who won't offer specifics often have hidden agendas, especially those who go out of their way to say they dont.   In stark contrast, Hove always says what he will do, and he has proven that he does what he says.   

Concealed intentions are abundant this year.  Our choices include candidates from a group with a plan to get 4 members elected and force an extreme agenda.    

Dean Hove is clearly the most qualified, and with all the unsettling change coming to our City Council, he is also the safest choice.

Cody Voth, Red Wing

Dean Hove for Fiscal Responsibility

By Cody Groth     

The Wards 1 and 2 candidate's financial reports provide insight into their fiscal responsibility.  Dean Hoves two Primary Election opponents submitted reports that look irresponsible.     

One raised $400.00 from 3 donors, spent over a thousand dollars and still listed the original $400.00 as cash on hand.  It seems like either financial magic or ineptitude.   

The other listed $1890.00, but not where it came from.  He spent twice as much on lawn signs and nearly twice as much on his campaign literature as his opponent and has just $250.00 left.  This is from the candidate wanting to control spending.   

Dean Hoves report is neat and professional.  He raised $1529.00, listed his donors and expenses properly, and still has over half the money left.   

Hoves opponents have expensive, full color brochures telling us all about themselves.   The "financial magic" candidate lists: "Experienced Budget Management."    The one who spent twice as much on his campaign materials states he wants: "budget cut spending."  These are taken verbatim from their literature.     

Dean Hoves literature has  black and white photos, and tells us what Hove accomplished together with citizens, then says what he will DO: "Lower taxes, smaller government, strong public safety  and I will continue to truly listen!"  Again, taken directly from his literature.  Hove still has plenty of room to offer me his business card at the bottom and important city numbers on the back.   

My question is:  Which of these candidates do you want making decisions about your tax dollars?  Watch the August 2nd budget meeting online.  You will see why I am supporting Dean Hove.