In 2018, Homeowners were levied 15% less than in 2002, saving nearly $750,000.00!

Dean Hove, Your Council Member in Red Wing, Wards 1 & 2

Thanks for Your Support! I am honored to continue our partnership.

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Our Succesful Partnership

Promises Kept

 I promised lower taxes: The average levy increase  has been under 2 percent.  I promised wise spending:  Today, Red Wing is one of the most financially stable cities.  I promised to truly listen:  Together we transformed city government into a new era of openness  and responsiveness.  Red Wing is not only less  taxed, it is  more efficient.  Staffing is down to 1970's levels, with better service than ever.  

A Record of Success

Our partnership has produced amazing results.  We saved our riverfront, built the universal playground, restarted Mississippi National Golf Links, restored Memorial Park, built a new band shell in Central Park, and reopened neighborhood ice rinks.  And along the way, we solved individual and neighborhood problems, usually with just a phone call.   We've done a lot together, and we'll do a lot more!

The Future of Red Wing

Our strong local economy has produced a need for more housing.  We are partnering with a local builder to help, as well as seeking outside firms willing to invest in Red Wing.  I will keep taxes low and carefully scrutinize each spending proposal, and I will continue to honor my commitment to protect our families by keeping public safety strong.

Dean Hove's Story

Helping My Hometown

 It has been a tremendous honor to  serve on the Red Wing City Council. My  parents instilled simple values in me. Appreciate what you have, Share your blessings, Become the best person you can be, and  contribute to your community - Dean

Elected in 2002,  Dean Hove quickly earned a  reputation as a City Council member willing to base his decisions on direct  input from citizens. That strength, plus his unwavering support for preserving  Red Wing's natural resources and strong public safety, helped him win successive terms in 2006. 2010, and 2014.  The average tax increase these past 15 years has been under 2 percent. Fiscal discipline has been imposed and we are now seeing the rewards in  the form of new jobs and a strong local economy.

Dean Hove  is a lifelong Red Wing resident. He and wife of 37 years, Teresa, were the  longtime owners of the Pantry Restaurant in Red Wing.  They have three grown  children and two grandchildren.  Dean Hove served in the Minnesota National  Guard for 10  Years.  


Thank you for visiting my website. I greatly appreciate your time and interest. I hope you found the information on my record and future goals useful as you decide who best represents your views and your values in the Wards 1 and 2 City Council race. 

In these past 15 years serving you, I hope I have earned your trust, your friendship, and your vote. I want to continue our work as partners, making Red Wing an even better city. Again, thanks very much. I would appreciate your vote on Tuesday, November 6th.  -Dean Hove


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